Direct Response Marketing For Cleaning Companies – Part 1

Before I talk about how to make direct response marketing work for your cleaning business, I should probably define exactly what it is.

According to Wikipedia, “Direct response marketing is a form of marketing that is designed to solicit a direct response that is specific and quantifiable.”  In other words, it means you want your customers to take action immediately by picking up the phone or going to your website.  It also means that you can measure the results of your marketing effort.

A good example of direct response marketing is the home shopping networks. Most people don’t need “7 to 10 touches” before buying in this case, because they see something they want, the hosts of the show give them lots of compelling reasons why they should buy the item, and then they tell them exactly how to do it! They’re soliciting a direct response from the viewer.

But if you watch most television ads, you’re watching “image marketing” at work. They’re spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to create an image for their product or service, without doing much (if anything) to get you to take action to buy their product.

See the difference?

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