How To Write A Direct Mail Sales Letter That Gets Cleaning Prospects To Take Action

Writing a sales letter is not an easy task, especially since most cleaning business owners are not professional copywriters. We tend to fall back on what we know – our cleaning service. So we go on and on about all the wonderful services we offer. But writing information and facts about your cleaning service is not enough.

Your mail piece must stand out above the crowd. Yours will not be the only piece of direct mail that lands in your prospects’ mail today. Sales letters can be sent in an envelope or as a self-mailer. Either way, you need to have a teaser on the outside that the prospect will see and that will prompt him/her to open it up to learn more. Your teaser should also highlight the main benefit of your product. Example: Are you getting a headache from managing your cleaning service? If this prompts them to open it up, then they’ve said their first “Yes” in response to your letter.  Use the following guidelines to write a sales letter that will get your prospects to take action.

1.    Use strong headlines.
Headlines should be bold and in color. To emphasize your point, add a sub-headline in a smaller font, and then support your claims with three bullets.  Try repeating your offer at least three times throughout your letter…in your headline, within the first two paragraphs, and again in your closing paragraph.

2.    Never start with “I”.
Everything should be about “You” (your prospect). You need to build a connection with the prospect and you do it by using the words “you” and “your”. Also, give the letter a personal touch by using the prospect’s name whenever possible. This builds rapport and trust.

3.    Add social proof and a guarantee.
Offer social proof that what you say is true by adding a strong testimonial from a satisfied customer. You also need to make them feel comfortable about their decision to buy your services, so offer a solid guarantee that is easy for them to understand.

4.      Add a P.S.
The P.S. at the end of a letter is the second most looked at space after the headline. You can include your offer again in the P.S. and also gives you another opportunity to let them know how to take action.

5.  Call to action.
You want your prospects to take action after reading your sales letter, so one of the critical elements is a strong call to action. After compelling them with a strong headline and benefits of doing business with you, you need to tell your prospects what to do next. Give them a way to respond to your message and tell them what you want them to do, when to do it, and how to get it done. For example; “Don’t Delay! This Offer Ends Friday, June 30th. Pick up the phone right now and call 1-800-123-4567”

Your prospects receive many forms of direct mail every day. Make yours stand out from the crowd. Writing your direct mail sales letter using these guidelines will get your prospects to take action!

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