Case Study: Comment Cards for Cleaning Companies

Jessica Youens: I own a cleaning business in south Texas.  I was always planning on doing a customer referral program and comment card.  So I did one for myself and it didn’t work very well because my employees had my clients fill it out right in front of them so everything they wrote said Excellent!

I was trying to figure out how to do it in a different way.  Then I came across this Comment Card from and I said “Well this is great!”  It gives the client the option to write whatever they want, and it is definitely different than what I had.  It also has cash for referrals, which is a great way to promote my referral program. Plus it has an incentive for the client to respond right away so it is not sitting there on top of their kitchen counter.

I started mailing to my clients and it has worked wonderfully.  I have clients who mail this back to my office, plus I have received lots of referrals.  You see it is customizable on the card where it says free carpet spotter. So I changed this to “if you mail this back to me I will give you free $5 gift card from Starbucks Coffee.”  So as soon as I receive the card back from the customer, I mail the gift card to my clients.

It has worked great!  It not only has helped me to see what I need to improve in my business but I’ve also received good comments, positive comments. It has also given me new ideas that caused me to change some things in my business, so it has worked wonderfully.

I think it is great and it is well designed and everything is in one single card.

Jean Hanson: Great!  Thank you so much.  So you have gotten great testimonials that you have put on your website too, right?

Jessica Youens: I have yes.  I have received testimonials to put on my website, yes.

Jean Hanson: So Jessica is getting feedback on her business, which is wonderful because now she knows where she needs to improve and she can do that right away. She’s also getting testimonials.  And she is getting referrals because she talks about her referral program right on the card, and her customers are getting a $5 gift card to Starbucks just for filling it out.

So wonderful, thank you so much.

JessicaYouens: Thank you Jean.

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