Jean and Steve Hanson, the founders of several cleaning industry related websites have designed customizable, direct mail and marketing collateral templates exclusively for cleaning companies! Choose from 4-page print (and web) newsletter, postcards, flyers and more!

Jean and Steve Hanson

Jean and Steve Hanson

As former owners of two cleaning companies and mentors to thousands of cleaning company owners, Jean and Steve Hanson understand that there isn’t much available for marketing collateral that actually WORKS when it comes to the cleaning industry. The same old, boring phrases like “licensed and insured” or “we provide quality cleaning service” just doesn’t cut it!

But most cleaning business owners know cleaning — not what works for an effective marketing message! So that’s why they created marketing materials that work! You need a message that grabs attention and gets prospects to take ACTION! This is called Direct Response Marketing.

You also need to build relationships with your customers, but that’s a time-consuming job, and one that usually falls through the cracks. So they’ve also created your #1 Marketing Strategy — Customizable, Print Newsletters! This is the best way to “touch” your clients and continue building your relationship with them in a way that is fun and memorable. And you can even give them incentives in the newsletter for doing more business with you and for referring you to friends and colleagues.

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