What types of marketing materials are available?

We will continue to add pieces over time.

We have many products available within each category listed above.  Although we recommend that you use the “sales copy” created for each piece, you are free to change text or upload your own photos.

You’ll have to log in to see all of our “Content Rich” products designed exclusively for commercial and residential cleaning companies. Simply click on the “Start Marketing Today” button to begin your Marketing Campaign!

“What’s the big deal? I’ve always made my own or used the templates at other printing sites. “

What kind of results are you getting from what you’ve done in the past? Have you ever said things like:

“Call for your free estimate”
“Licensed, bonded and insured”
“$10 off with this flyer”
“Quality cleaning services”
“Top of the line equipment”
“Come home to a clean house!”
“Reliable service”
“Tailored to meet your needs”

If these statements sound familiar, then THAT could be the problem! People don’t care about free estimates – they expect them! And everyone says they provide quality cleaning services!

But what if you sent your customers a self-mailer that said,

“Can Your Cleaning Service Pass This Simple 2-Question Test?”

Do you think they would open it to see what the 2 questions are?  You bet they would! And THAT is why we created this site. So you don’t have to pay a fortune to a high-priced copywriter — it’s all done FOR you!

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