Building relationships is the #1 way to gain and retain customers. And there isn’t an easier way to do it than to send print newsletters that are fun for your customers, and include areas for you to promote your business and thank your best clients!

It’s important to “touch” your clients regularly so they don’t forget about you. And remember, if YOU aren’t keeping in touch with your clients, your competitors WILL! Your goal should be to connect with your clients at least once a month. A good rule of thumb to remember is for every month you DON’T connect with your clients, you lose 10% of the value of your relationship. So if you let it go for 10 months, you’ve probably lost them. We spend so much time trying to GAIN new customers, but then forget about nurturing the relationship once we have them.

What makes print newsletters so special?

  • They make it easy to build solid client relationships.
  • It’s a monthly reminder that keeps you in the forefront of their mind.
  • It’s a refreshing break from the stresses of the day. They will quickly start looking forward to receiving it each month.
  • It’s a chance for you to offer specials and sell more services.
  • It’s an easy way to educate your customers without any hard sell.
  • It gives you a chance to ask for referrals and recognize customers who do refer you.

Monthly newsletters are an absolute MUST if you want to keep your existing clients and gain new clients. We used newsletters for years and our customers always commented on how much they enjoyed reading them every month. And when we mailed our newsletters to prospects, we were the first ones they called when they were ready to hire a new cleaning service! Why? Because they kept hearing from us in a fun, non-salesy way. We didn’t keep trying to “sell” them, we just kept sending our newsletter every month – a subtle reminder that we’re always available and ready to go to work whenever they’re ready.

The challenge with newsletters is that it takes a lot of time to write every month, and it’s not easy coming up with new topics to write about; especially if you’re not a great writer. Oh, how I wish I had this service years ago!

Our newsletters are NOT a bunch of boring or technical articles about how to clean or other topics your clients have no interest in. Instead, it’s a fun collection of articles, puzzles, cartoons and contests that gets them involved in reading it, and also has direct response areas that you can customize, that will prompt them to contact you.

We even have two newsletters to choose from:

  1. Better Home Livingis for residential cleaning clients. Your clients will enjoy seasonal articles, recipes, health tips, safety advice, puzzles and more!Here are a few sample article titles:
    1. National parks offer economical vacations
    2. Most poisonings occur in the home
    3. What works to prevent burglary, what doesn’t
    4. Rum raisin monkey bread: the company-perfect breakfast treat
    5. How to build a great castle on the beach
  2. NewzBreak is for commercial cleaning clients. In addition to some of the same, enjoyable content that is included in Better Home Living, there are at least three articles of interest to business owners, managers and employees.Here are a few sample article titles:
    1. Retain talented workers
    2. Learn to speak up so you’ll be noticed
    3. Brainstorm skillfully to mine for innovations and ideas
    4. Loose lips, thoughtless emails or careless computing = big problems
    5. Tech support phone calls: Knowing what to say

Included in each issue are several areas that you can customize and personalize for your own business. Here are just a few things you can add to each issue:

  • your photo and logo
  • coupon
  • contest
  • special offers
  • information about your referral program
  • testimonials
  • customer recognition
  • what’s new in your business

And if you follow up the newsletter with a reminder that the newsletter special is ending soon, you’ll increase your response rate from 10 – 40%!


“How much does the newsletter cost?”

We have two prices for the newsletters (not including printing and postage):

  1. $17 per issue for members of and
  2. $37 per issue for everyone else

If you prefer to buy a one year subscription (12 issues) the price per issue is reduced:

  1. $180 for members of and
  2. $360 for everyone else

Not a member? Join here:

This is a 4-page color newsletter printed on 11×17 paper that is folded in half.

The template is a Word document that you can edit. Once complete, you can take the file to your local printer or you can upload it to an online service for printing. It will probably cost around $2 per newsletter.

You can also convert your newsletter to PDF format and upload it to your website for additional content! Search engines love changing content so this is a great way to build a newsletter archive that will live forever on your website.

Establish your presence and build quality relationships with your clients and prospects with a print newsletter. Sign up today – it will be the wisest marketing investment you’ll make!


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