What if you could send marketing materials that grabbed your prospect’s attention and got them to keep reading your offer? That’s what happens when you send marketing collateral with headlines that hit their hot buttons! It grabs their attention and increases your response rate!

Have you ever received a postcard or flyer from a cleaning company that said something like, “Come Home to a Clean House!” Did you read it? I don’t! I take a quick look and then toss it. There is nothing in that headline that grabs my attention.

But what if you received a postcard or flyer that said,

“Can your cleaning service pass this simple 2-question test?”

This has more impact, doesn’t it?

Sending marketing materials is more than just designing, printing and mailing. It’s about COMMUNICATION with your prospects and customers.  You want to connect with people by striking a chord with them, which will make them want to learn more.


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